Horst Truestedt

Horst Truestedt, co-author of Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop. Horst started his career with six years in physics research at 3M Company, then spent nearly 30 years at IBM involved in system and storage architectures at IBM locations around the world.

Before retiring from IBM, Horst was involved with DASD interfaces and attachment architecture. He represented the IBM at ANSI T11 - Intelligent Peripheral Interface, High Performance Parallel Interface, Fibre Channel, and Enterprise System Connectivity; represented IBM SSD on the Fibre Channel Association; represented IBM on the Redundant Array of Independent Disk Advisory Board; represented ANSI T11 at the International Standards Organization.

Horst's expertise in Fibre Channel is recognized throughout the industry. He communicates about this intricate technology in uncluttered, precise terms that make the topic clear and accessible.

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