Fibre Channel Switched Fabric
Table of Contents:
Section I. Introduction and Concepts
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fibre Channel Switched Fabric Concepts
Chapter 3: Fibre Channel Addresses
Section II. Fabric Internals
Chapter 4: Fabric Internal Concepts
Chapter 5: Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Initialization
Chapter 6: Principal Switch Selection
Chapter 7: FSPF Routing Protocol
Chapter 8: Path Selection
Chapter 9: Switching Constructs
Chapter 10: Distributed Services
Chapter 11: Fabric Zone Management
Section III. Fibre Channel Services
Chapter 12: Fibre Channel Services
Chapter 13: Common Transport Protocol (FC-CT)
Chapter 14: Directory Server
Chapter 15: Time Server
Chapter 16: Management Server
Chapter 17: Alias Server
Chapter 18: Key Distribution Server
Section IV. Fabric Deployment Considerations
Chapter 19: Designing a Fabric
Chapter 20: High-Availability Fabrics
Chapter 21: Timers and Error Conditions
Chapter 22: Beyond the Campus
Chapter 23: Fabric Management
Chapter 24: Node Port Initialization
Section V. Command Reference
Chapter 25: Switch Internal Link Services (SW_ILS)
Chapter 26: Name Server Commands
Chapter 27: IP Address Server Commands
Chapter 28: Configuration Server Commands
Chapter 29: Fabric Zone Server Commands
Chapter 30: Time Server Commands
Chapter 31: Alias Server Commands
Chapter 32: Key Server Commands
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