Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Loop Concepts
Chapter 3: Ordered Sets
Chapter 4: Loop Port State Maching
Chapter 5: Loop Initialization
Chapter 6: Monitoring State
Chapter 7: Arbitration and Fairness
Chapter 8: Flow Control
Chapter 9: Opening a Loop Circuit
Chapter 10: Closing the Loop Circuit
Chapter 11: Frame Transmission
Chapter 12: SCSI-3 FCP Commands
Chapter 13: Performance
Chapter 14: Errors
Chapter 15: Arbitrated Loop Hubs
Chapter 16: High Availability Loops
Chapter 17: PLDA Technical Report
Appendix A: LPSM State Tables
Appendix B: SCSI FCP Command Traces
Appendix C: FC-AL vs. FC-AL-2 Differences

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