Fibre Channel: Arbitrated Loop

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Now in its eleventh printing, Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop remains the only book devoted exclusively to the theory and operation of Arbitrated Loop technology. Recently revised, Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop includes the most recent changes and enhancements in the second generation of the Arbitrated Loop standard (FC-AL-2).

Using more than 140 figures and 40 tables to illustrate the essential concepts and operation of the loop, this book proceeds step-by-step from basic loop concepts through detailed examination of all loop protocols. Unlike other texts, including the standards themselves, Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop expands on key factors such as Arbitrated Loop performance, hubs, and the design of high-availability loops. It's the ultimate resource for anyone involved in this dynamic technology.

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Arbitrated Loop Reader Quotes:

"Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop is a remarkable work that accomplishes two difficult tasks. First, it incorporates the newest technical information from the recently released FC-AL-2 specification. Second, it presents complex information in a clear, thorough, understandable manner. For anyone who is new to Arbitrated Loop, this book is an excellent starting point. For people already familiar with FC-AL, it's an exceptional resource to refresh, update, or clarify information about the design and function of this technology."

Mike Fitzpatrick,
Director, Strategic Engineering, Fujitsu Computer Products of America
Chairman, Fibre Channel Industry Association


"The authors of this book, Robert Kembel and Horst Truestedy, have been intimately involved with the creation of Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop standards and profiles for many years. While the standards are good at specifying allowed behaviors, they don't explain why one implementation might be better than another. The authors provide valuable insight into how Fibre Channel devices should behave in order to achieve high performance and interoperability. I highly recommend this book for engineers wanting detailed knowledge of the Fibre Channel interface."

Dave Baldwin,
Emulex Corporation


"Robert Kembel and Horst Truestedt are a great writing team for the second edition of this outstanding resource book. In addition to their own contributions to the standards, both authors have vast experience in Fibre Channel product development. I used the first edition of the book as a reference for classes I taught, and strongly recommend it for anyone developing Arbitrated Loop devices. Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop gives excellent tutorial descriptions of the overall operation of Arbitrated Loop devices as well as specifics on how SCSI devices operate over Fibre Channel."

Bill Martin,
Senior Principal Engineer,
Fibre Channel Standards,
Gadzoox Networks, Inc.


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